Dentist Waxahachie 10 Fun Facts About Teeth for Kids

Family Dentist in Waxhachie, TX Shares 10 Fun Facts About Teeth for Kids

Most children don’t even think twice about their teeth or oral health. To begin with, teeth are not a particularly interesting subject, and kids have far more important things going on in their young lives to worry about the inside of their mouths. 
However, there are tons of interesting facts about teeth that might make teeth and oral hygiene that much more exciting for your kids. These are great for children that may be a bit anxious or nervous about visiting your family dentist in Waxhachie, TX and can help take their minds off their worries. 
1. Although your teeth may look like bone, they are made of an entirely different composition and do not have the ability to heal themselves. When you break or fracture a bone, it will heal itself in time. However, if you break or chip a tooth, it will not.
2. The protective outer layer of a tooth, or enamel, is the strongest substances in the human body. It is meant to protect your teeth and keep them healthy throughout your entire life. Still, while tooth enamel may be extremely strong, it is still not as tough as any real tools. Therefore, it’s important to never use your teeth instead of the proper tool.
3. A shark can go through as many as 30,000 teeth in its lifetime. Shark teeth fall out very easily, however, the animals can re-grow a replacement tooth within just a few days. Still, remember that although sharks can regenerate teeth, humans can’t, which is why it’s important to take care of the teeth that you have.
4. Every single person on the planet has a completely unique set of teeth that are completely different from anyone else’s teeth. We also have patterns on our tongues that are completely unique and just like a fingerprint, are not shared with anyone else.
5. People tend to chew food on the prominent side of their mouth. This means that if you’re left handed, you’ll usually chew food on the left side of your mouth and vice-versa.
6. Different animals have different types of teeth and jaws. Giraffes, for example, only have teeth on the bottom part of their jaw and they use their tongues to be able to reach leaves and foliage on trees.
7. The largest mammal in the world, the blue whale, doesn’t have any teeth whatsoever. However, this is not a problem for them since their diet consists of small shrimps that do not need to be chewed. 
8. On the other hand, snails, as small as they are, can have as many as ten thousand teeth in their tiny, microscopic mouths.
9. 100 years ago, the tooth fairy left about 25 cents for a tooth that has fallen out. 50 years ago, the average tooth was worth about $1 to the tooth fairy. However, today, the average price is about $2 per tooth if it is healthy and free from cavities.
10. Over the course of a lifetime, a person will spend nearly an entire 40 days simply brushing and flossing their teeth.