Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Most parents aren’t aware that cavities can happen even before babies begin their journey into solid foods. In some cases, a baby’s first teeth can come in weak, even with brown spots on them, the result is they turn into cavities. Typically, this is not about what a baby is eating, whether formula, cow’s milk, or breast milk, but how the baby is being fed.


Early Child Cavities


Natural sugars found in breast milk and cow’s milk can contribute to increased bacteria in the baby’s mouth when left unwiped. The bacteria releases teeth-eroding acids that babies are more susceptible to because of their young age and softer teeth.


 Tips to Prevent Baby Tooth Decay:


      - Wipe baby’s gums and teeth after a feeding with a clean, moist cloth

      - Use a soft brush, or finger brush, to clean any baby teeth that have emerged

      - Visit the dentist before baby teeth have come in


Feedings at Night


This can be difficult for parents since babies often fall asleep with a bottle or while nursing as part of their night-time routine. Parents don’t want to give up this special time with their infant and don’t want to disrupt the sleeping patterns of the baby.


Babies should never be left alone with a bottle in their crib to fall asleep. Many doctors believe this presents a choking hazard and the sugars right before bed are not good for baby’s teeth and gums.

After a feeding wipe down the gums and any protruding teeth with a moist cloth so that the milk does not collect inside the mouth creating excess bacteria and acid.


When you start to notice that your baby’s teeth are starting to come in, try eliminating nursing or bottle feeding as a way to put baby to bed. Instead a give the baby a bottle, clean the gums and teeth and try a warm bath followed by a story and some cuddles.


It is important to set your baby up for the best oral health possible so that minimal dental issues arise for your little one. Talk to your Waxahachie Family Dentist today about setting your baby up for a healthy oral routine.

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