Dentist Waxahachie Beware of DIY Dentistry

Beware of DIY Dentistry

There are plenty of remedies at home to attempt to fix a broken tooth. Some people don’t have dental coverage, they don’t want a dentist bill, or they are confident in their ability to be at home dentists. Beware the risks associated with home dentistry. Think of it as needing a small surgery. Would you lie yourself down on a bed and do the procedure yourself? Probably not. You would leave it to the professionals who have training and experience. The same goes for fixing a broken tooth. Ask yourself, do you know how to fix the tooth? If so, what material do you use? What are the risks? Is the fix long term? These are important questions that you must ask your dentist. These questions do not belong in a search bar on the internet. The internet may be great for gaining some knowledge on certain procedures and other dentistry information, but it is not a way for you to become an armchair dentist. 
It Looks So Easy Though?
You may read on the internet that you can simply buy a kit for just a few dollars and do it yourself. They will tell you there is no need for an expensive dentist when you can just apply a hard material to the broken tooth and you are done. Problem solved, right? Wrong. Your tooth is broken, which means that the inside of the tooth is exposed, and can create problems all its own. Your teeth are the hardest thing your body has, and a jagged tooth can cut your lips and cheeks if you aren’t careful. Dentists have the training and tools needed for a job like this. Putting dental cement on your teeth is not a fix, but is a temporary solution that your dentist will have to grind away anyways. Your dentist will use a material that is good for your mouth, polish and shine that tooth, so that it looks like the rest of the tooth. With a kit, you get whatever color the cement is, the finished product may very unnatural.  
What Problems Can Occur?
Your teeth are hard and tough, but they are also very sensitive. Your broken tooth can cause pain, and without proper dental care, you would cement the part causing pain, and will have that pain for a very long time. Your tooth breaking could be a sign of something worse as well. If your teeth are brittle, and breaking when you eat or drink, then there is an underlying problem that only a dentist can fix. 
There are many horror stories that dentists can tell you about fixing someone’s DIY dentistry. Going to the dentist to get a tooth fixed is much more affordable than one may think. Dental insurance will usually cover problems like these as well. Leave it to the professionals. Call us today at (469) 773-4075 to schedule appointment with your dentist in Waxahachie, TX.