Dentist Waxahachie Choosing the Right Mouthwash

Dentist in Waxahachie, TX Helps Patients Choose the Right Mouthwash

We all brush and floss our mouths on a daily basis to ensure good oral health. Some people also add mouthwash to the mix to achieve the best smile possible. Did you know that choosing the wrong mouth rinse could cause more issues than the good they might create?
Some Side Effects of Mouthwash
When someone has inflammation of the gums and is prescribed prescription mouthwash, they may end up with some staining of the teeth. This is a side effect that is easily remedied at the next visit to the dentist with a little polish. In addition, the benefits of what this mouthwash does for the gums will far outweigh the staining it might cause.
Another downside to over-the-counter mouthwash I that it can lead to dry mouth or ulcers. This is often caused by the alcohol content of some formulations. While most people find benefits that outweigh these side effects, mouthwash shouldn’t be used strictly to get fresh breath.
Different Types of Mouthwash
There are two main kinds of mouthwash: prescription and cosmetic. Both of them help to remove debris either before or after brushing. They also both have a nice taste and relieve bad breath temporarily. Either formulation is also shown to dramatically reduce the number of dangerous bacteria in the mouth. 
Pros of Mouthwash Include:
Improved health of the gums
Kills germs
Fresh breath
Prevents cavities
Cons of Mouthwash Include:
Staining of the teeth
Dry mouth
Burning sensations
Altered taste
When you choose mouthwash, choose one that addresses your needs to avoid unnecessary side effects.
Best Way to Use Mouthwash
Here are the steps to take when using mouthwash:
Brush and floss your teeth first.
Measure out the right amount of rinse according to the directions.
Keep your teeth slightly parted with your lips closed as you swish the liquid around.
Rinse for at least thirty seconds.
Spit the liquid out completely.
Make sure you don’t eat, rinse or smoke for at least thirty minutes after using mouthwash. If you are unsure which formulation is right for you, be sure to speak with the dentist in Waxahachie, TX at your next appointment.