Are you Falling for These Myths about Dental Implants?


We have come a long way in the past century. Whereas it used to be quite common for an adult to be toothless, those who live in the modern world have several options for maintaining their natural teeth for later into life. That being said, there is still a small problem with tooth loss related to issues like gum disease or an oral injury. Unlike our ancestors who lived at the beginning of the 20th Century, we also have more options when it comes to replacing missing teeth.


Dental Implants Waxahachie TX


The latest development in restorative dentistry has been to replace missing roots with dental implants. While dentists have been performing this treatment for years, there still remains a bit of myth surrounding this method of repair.


Myth #1 - Dental implant surgery is painful and risky.


The fact is, dental implant surgery is performed by an experienced dentist or oral surgeon who takes careful measures before surgery to reduce risks. Often, sophisticated technology is involved in the planning process, facilitating the prompt and appropriate placement of each post. Prior to the minor oral surgery, the patient is treated with local anesthetic, and possibly with medication to support a calm, pleasant experience. After implants are inserted, most patients feel well enough to get back to work within a day.


Myth #2 - Implant treatment is too expensive.


We can see where this idea comes from. The initial cost of dental implant treatment is, in fact, higher than other treatment options, like dentures. However, the cost-effectiveness of implants is greater due to the longevity of this restorative process versus the frequency of fittings and replacement for bridges and dentures.


Myth #3 - This treatment is too new to know it will work.


Dental implants have been in use for several decades. Dentists trained in this procedure understand how to determine the appropriateness of care based on each patient's medical and dental history. During the decades of research and development, the process has become so refined that most patients can receive implants without consequence. And the success rate? Over 95% and still going strong.


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