Waxahachie Family Dentist discuss Dental Etiquette

Proper etiquette should be observed everywhere including dentist office. However, there are patients who are not quite aware of their actions and behave badly. The following tips can greatly help you identify what you missed in these dental etiquettes.


Take a break from our technological world

Not unless you are waiting for a very important call,  let this moment be your chance to unplug. Unexpectedly (and seriously speaking), lots of people take calls while they are sitting in a dental chair. This simply implies how attached you are to mobile society.


Brushing of teeth right before your dental appointment in not necessary

Commonly, when you’ve got an oral care schedule, your first instinct tells you to freshen up your mouth.  But you must be aware that this falls on the ‘Don’t’ list of a dentist. It is their profession; hence, they know and understand that there are some things which can’t be prevented such as bad breath.

There are instances that it is best not to hide what’s going on inside your mouth prior to visiting your dentist. By doing so, they can determine any existing systemic or dental health problem through the smell of your breath. However, a quick rinse or brush will do if you feel you have some leftovers from lunch.


Cancel respectfully

The protocol for rescheduling or canceling appointments varies from one dental clinic to another.  However, if there’s one thing they will all agree with is they hate no-show, no call patients. This is not only rude to go without a call, but it is also wasted time for the dentist. So, be mindful in canceling.


No smoking

Smoking is bad whenever wherever and before your oral care schedule. This may result in gum disease, teeth staining or worse, mouth cancer. Moreover, some dentists may be allergic to cigarette smoke.


Therefore, the next time you’ll visit your dentist, be mindful of these etiquettes.

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