Dentist Waxahachie FAQs about black triangle teeth

Waxahachie Dentist discuss FAQ's About Black Triangle Teeth

What causes black triangle teeth?


Black triangle teeth are caused by teeth that are triangular shaped that meet at the top as a result of the flair, causing a space to open up between them. The spaces can be treated by a dentist by simply stripping the enamel that is at the teeth’s top to ensure that the teeth look less triangular and less flared.


Is black triangle caused by invisalign?


Invisalign that is applied properly will not cause gum loss; hence, there is little to no chance of forming black triangle. In fact, Invisalign may even fix this condition. After the correction of the rotated teeth, the gum tissue will not be bulky enough to fill the space. This is especially the case with adults. In adults, the gum tissues tend to adapt to the space that is caused by the rotation correction.


How do I handle black triangle that is as a result of invisalign treatment?


A good idea is to suggest the use of additional invisalign aligners as a way of correcting the rotated teeth. There may be a need for interproximal and attachment reduction that are necessary. The interproximal reduction is a good option for changing the contact point of two teeth, reshaping them as a way of minimizing the black triangle. There may be a need for additional invisalign aligners to help close the residual gaps.


What are the remedies for black triangle teeth?


When this problem occurs, two solutions can be used to correct it. One of these is to narrow the teeth a little to ensure that they are moved closer. It is important to do this in a careful manner to ensure that there isn’t a tendency for the tooth contacts to remain the same. Another solution is for the dentist to use composite filing material to build up the width of the teeth.