Your Waxahachie Family Dentist Talks Nutrition and Oral Health


Typically, we consider how the food choices we make may be affecting our general health and wellness, even our performance. It isn't very often that we are met with the idea that food and beverage choices affect our teeth. This excludes the fact that certain drinks, like coffee and tea, can stain enamel. Some people may even go so far as to acknowledge that a daily soda habit could be harming their teeth. Did you know, though, that there are ways to maximize oral health through healthy dietary choices?


Foods that Feed your Teeth

  • Foods like cheese, yogurt, and milk contain calcium, and calcium builds strong teeth in the same way that it builds strong bones. Not much into dairy? You can also get loads of calcium in almonds, sesame and chia seeds, kale, tofu, and other vegetarian sources.
  • Other vegetables that support oral health include those that are high in vitamin A, such as sweet potatoes, carrots, and broccoli. When you consume crunchy vegetables, you also give your teeth a good natural cleansing and polishing! In addition to cleaning debris and plaque from teeth, vegetables like celery also promote saliva flow, which dilutes sugar and acidic substances in the mouth.
  • Raw onions are especially powerful in the mouth, and not only to your breath. While you may want to pop in a breath mint after loading up on raw onions in your sandwich or salad, you don't want to pass up on the bacteria-fighting power that comes from the sulfur compounds in these tasty veggies.
  • Plaque buildup can be minimized, and gums strengthened, with vitamin C and antioxidants. These substances can be found in citrus fruits (be careful, though! They're acidic!) and in green tea.
  • Protein isn't just good for your muscles; it's also nutritious for teeth and gums. The power of protein for oral health is maximized with vitamin D and calcium. While we all know we can get a good amount of protein from a nice, juicy steak or a plate of scrambled eggs, the vegetarians and vegans out there may turn to lentils, soybeans, broccoli, peas, and other nourishing plant-sources.


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