Dentist Waxahachie Tooth Reshaping and Contouring

Tooth Reshaping and Contouring

If you have some minor defects in your smile that you want to correct, then tooth reshaping and contouring might be right for you. 
What Is Tooth Reshaping?
Tooth reshaping is sometimes referred to as dental contouring. This cosmetic dentistry technique removes small amounts of tooth enamel to change the length, shapes or surface of the teeth. This is combined with bonding to shape and sculpt the teeth.
Reshaping will be done in the dental office and includes the following steps:
Dental x-rays will be taken
Teeth will be marked with a pen to highlight spots to reshape
Sanding equipment is used to eliminate or minimize the imperfections
Teeth will be smoothed and polished
Pros and Cons of Tooth Reshaping and Contouring
Reshaping is a conservative approach to change the appearance of your teeth. It is still important to know the pros and cons of any dental procedure.
Low cost
Can be a substitute for braces
Improves the overall health of your teeth
Only offers a subtle change
Small risk of tooth damage
Is Tooth Reshaping and Dental Contouring Right for You?
Reshaping and contouring are ideal for those in need of small adjustments to the appearance of their teeth. If a tooth is slightly crooked, pointy or sticks to the side, then you are a good candidate. 
It is not an appropriate treatment for people with dental decay, root canals or gums that are unhealthy.
There are times when reshaping is just a step toward more extensive procedures. This can include whitening, veneers or crown lengthening.  This is a good start before diving deeper into cosmetic treatments. It might just be enough to change the way you look at your smile.
If you are unhappy with your smile, it is time to make an appointment with your Waxahachie cosmetic dentist. The two of you can discuss the various cosmetic treatment options that are available. You can set a treatment plan to work towards and start taking steps to change the way you look at your smile. There is no reason why you should be unhappy with your appearance for one more day.