What do you mean by Twilight anesthesia?

In the world of medicine, surgical procedures usually require the use of anesthetic to minimize the level of pain one has to face during the procedure or surgery. The same drugs that are used in medicine are also used in dentistry. The use of these painkillers has made operations a leisure walk in the park for both the doctor and the patient.


Twilight sedation is often associated to “twilight sleep” as it leaves the patient calm and relaxed. At the same time, depending on the level of dosage, it enables the patient to respond to simple instructions given by the dentist and maybe answer questions at the same time. Moreover, the patients are easily woken up once the medical procedure is done.


In dentistry, twilight is most commonly used during relatively minor operations such as wisdom tooth extraction, etc.

How does this type of sedation work?

When it comes to sedation dentistry, there are three important points that you need to consider.

1.      Administration is usually done through an IV where medication is injected to the vein. Medication usually last for a couple of minutes until it wears off, so patients are able to wake shortly.

2.      Vital signs are checked on the duration of the operation. Stability is of outmost importance while doing the procedure. Some customers may or may not remember what transpired during the procedure as well.

3.      There are varying degrees of sedation. This is because some operations require a heavier dose while others require a lighter sedation only.

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