Dental Savings Plan


MORGAN DENTISTRY’S Dental Savings Plan is designed to provide affordability and greater access to quality dental care. With your Dental Savings Plan there are:
  • No yearly maximums
  • No deductibles
  • No claim forms,
  • No pre-authorization requirements,
  • No pre-existing condition limitations,
  • Immediate eligibility(no waiting period)
  • Free consultations
  • Cosmetic dentistry coverage



   Single                                                402
   Dual                                                   764                                      
   Family(3)                                          1126
   Family(4)                                          1488
   Each additional member                  325
   Dual Plan is for Parent/Child or Husband/Wife(partner)
   Children till age 18 or enrolled in college full-time till age of 23


DIAGNOSTIC & X-RAYS                          100 %
    Comprehensive Exam
    (New patient-initial visit)                                
    Periodical Exam(2 per year)                         
    Limited Oral Exam
    Problem focused-1 per year                                                      
    Full Set of X-rays and/or Panorex                                                                            
    (1 every 5 years)                                              
    Periapical-First Film                                        
    Periapical-each additional film                        
    Bitewings (One set per year)                           
   Adult and Child Prophylaxis(cleaning)
    (2 per year)                                          100%
    Additional cleanings per year             discounted 15%
     Sealants                                              discounted 15%  
OTHER PROCEDURES (discounted 15%)
     Dentures & Partials                                             
     Oral Surgery                                                       
     Root Canals                                                        
*use of care credit will only receive 5% discount
 Anything 100% covered represents no cost to you.


The program is a savings plan, not a dental insurance plan.  It cannot be used:
  •      -In conjunction with another dental plan
  •      -For services for injuries covered under workman’s 
  •       compensation 
  •      -For Treatment which, in sole opinion of the treating 
  •       Dentist or doctor, lies outside the realm of their 
  •       capacity
  •      -For referrals to specialists
  •      -For hospitalizations or hospital charges of any kind
  •     - For costs of dental care which is covered under 
  •       automobile medical
  •      -In conjunction with coupons or cash discounts
  •      -All products
  •      -Dental treatment in progress 
This plan is only honored at MORGAN DENTISTRY
This Dental Savings Plan is NOT an insurance plan that can be used with any other dental office.
  •     - No refunds on premiums will be issued at any time if     
  •      participant decides not to utilize the dental plan
  •      -No additional discounts will apply
  •     - Membership is non-transferrable
  •      -Membership valid for one year after redemption
  •      -Patient’s portion of bill due at time of service
  •     - A second broken appointment without 24 hour notice
  •       nullifies participation in the plan and all fees
  •       are forfeited
You must remain a plan member for the duration of the

Treatment to retain savings plan benefits.

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